The Pampered Pet (or, why I need another baby)

Here are a few things I've made for our new kitten: Amy Butler charm square pillow (should have made it 4 x 4 rather than 3 x 3 but it makes nice room decor), Amy Butler kitty ball, and fleece mouse. She likes the mouse best out of those, it has a velcro opening in the bottom for putting in catnip, or for taking out the bell when the humans have decided they can't take the ringetyringing any more.

Her favorite toy of all, though ... my old tomato pincushion. She kept stealing it until she wore me out. I took out all the pins and gave it to her. Now all my pins are in an ugly plastic lid ... A nice excuse to buy myself a lovely new pincushion from dottyral. Can't wait for it to arrive.