I miss my dyes!

Is that what they look like? I have been busy sewing lately and not in the studio much. Between making my daughter's 1910 schoolgirl costume (from a Chery Williams heirloom pattern) for her youth theater play, sewing a new set for Adagio Bleu's summer launch and my strange compulsion to sew Amy Butler cat toys for our new cat, my crafty time is pretty much taken up.

We at Adagio Bleu are planning some really fun 'mini launches' too - a "launch" being a time that all of us list items inspired by the same theme. I don't want to give a lot away but I'm thinking hip babies and lucky Moms will both dig on a black tee with a red MOM-embroidered tie dye heart. Looking forward to getting in the studio and slinging some dye around.