I don't like people to know

how easy I have it when it comes to my kids. They are best friends. They entertain each other so I don't have to, and they scarcely fight. They are in bed by 8 and wake me up with a hug each morning. And ... they are dressed and ready for school before I'm through my first cup of Major Dickason's blend. Mostly, I don't know how it happens, except I believe that God does not give you more than you can handle, when when He heard I was pregnant, he said, "Good grief, not her. Send down something really easy."

And then there's their Monkeysbug tees. Kids love to get dressed when there is something fun on their shirt - a rocket, a monster, a monkey, or maybe a tiara, flowers or a seahorse - and these are affordable, durable and not what every other kid in their class is wearing. I'm addicted. Not like I am to my Peet's of course, but darn close.

The only thing more fun than holding a baby bunny -
having a frog on your shirt at the same time.